‘My Dads a Birdman’

I’ve recently read ‘My Dad’s a Birdman‘ by David Almond. What an amazing book! So beautifully written and visual and touching and sensitive. I loved it. I’m now working my way through his other books, which are just as rich in imagery and extraordinary stories. The book is beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Polly Dunbar,but  I wanted to have a go myself. So heres the first of a series I’m planning..

“They were made of feathers and string and bits of old shirt and bits of bamboo and wire and thread and cardboard and feathers and feathers and feathers…He stood on tiptoes. He dreamed of flying like a swallow, like a swift, like a hawk, high above the house..”

David Almond you are a superstar!

The Animal Olympics.

I’ve just been playing with the idea of animals in the Olympics. So this could be the first of a few…I quite like the idea of some of the winter sports, but maybe thats just because its getting colder- actually a lot of my characters seem to be wearing more layers as the cold season approaches!

Its back to the ‘not’ watercolour paper- I didn’t get on with the other paper at all.