The Picnic Mission.

Here’s some images I’ve just finished, trying out some new things and illustrating some words I’ve written. The first was a test piece..

‘Week after week, families visited the woods with their picnics, they laid out their blankets and took out their wonderful food..and week after week those sneaky animals sneaked and skulked, crawled and creeped and tried to steal some. They never ever succeeded.’

“We need to get nearer the food ” said Squirrel,

“But how, without being spotted?” asked Badger.

“A disguise ,” said Fox, “if we could have a disguise, that might help us to blend in..”

“Oh that’d be wonderful,” said Squirrel, “but what?”

‘Rabbit served them. “We’d like some human outfits please,” said Foxy. Rabbit scurried out to the back of the shop,

“just these three left,” he said. Bear, Squirrel and Fox grabbed outfits.

“What about me?” said Badger.’