New Book!

Its been a crazy time! ‘The Mysterious case of the missing honey’  by Claire Freedman is now out. A great story and I had a lot of fun working on it. Heres a pic of the frog spread not quite completed.

‘Captain Bones’ is now not being published..but onto bigger and brighter things!

I’ve recently finished a book for Andersen Press called ‘ The King Who Wouldn’t Sleep’, due out in Sept this year. I’ll add some sneaky pics in the next post.

1 thought on “New Book!”

  1. Hello honey,

    What a great website and an impressive number of super books you have illustrated!

    I do not have your email on my laptop, so since I thought of you tonight I thought I’d drop you a line here. You see, Martin and I are going to a wedding near Eastbourne in September, and were wondering if you were around Sunday 25th?

    Lots love,
    Anne Kristin

    PS – I had no idea you had a link to my webpage, THANKS! only it does not exist anymore, if you would be so kind and change it to

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