Ooh, Dioramas!

I have recently been using more collage work in my illustrations and this led me to making a couple of dioramas.

The first was this fox in the woods one, made as a gift, and it was quite a steep learning curve. I never did quite figure out how I could put little lights in the back, something I’d still like to do.

This second box (not the best of photographs) contains a little hedgehog and again was a gift. Made using printed textures on cardboard and drawn into, the layers are built up to make a little scene.

I’m hoping to make some more of these to sell at craft fairs, in my Etsy shop and at Brighton artists open houses that I will be taking part in this May (more details of this to come soon). If you have any suggestions of scenes you’d like to see in the boxes, or of any animals, I’d love to know what you think!

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