Some colour pictures…

Hoorah! I’ve sent the first set of roughs off to be looked at by the publisher and await discussions..

Meanwhile I had to send my agent (Eunice McMullen) some scans of colour work from my portfolio and it was good to see some of it again, after a long time.  It always looks better  after not looking at it for quite some time!

So here’s a few, they are mainly vignettes or single pages and from a variety of books.


This is from ‘Wanted! Have you seen this alligator?’.  My first book and still probably one of my favourites. I was given a lot of freedom artistically and I think it shows in the artwork. Here is Alberto slipping on a bar of soap with  Tina.

Bear and Queen

This is from ‘There’s no such thing as a ghostie!’.  This is a vignette on the title page showing the Queen prodding a stuffed bear to see if there  are any ghosties hiding (there isn’t)

Pedro and Ronnie The Horse

‘Pedro the Brave’. This  is on the title page and shows Pedro and Dusty and Ronnie the Horse. I do love a shadow!

A Dark and Stormy Night

The opening page of ‘Theres no such thing as a ghostie!’ A scene setter and quite a different one for me to have such a limited palette.

I’m now straight on with character designs for my next book, while awaiting comments…

2 thoughts on “Some colour pictures…”

  1. Hello,

    my name is Abbyl Wright, and I would like to start by saying how much I love your work!
    These colour works are stunning! I especially love the opening page of ‘Theres no such thing as a ghostie!’.

    I’m in my second year of an Illustration degree at the Hull School of Art and Design, and have been asked to look into the type of career I would like to be in. I’m really interested in children’s book illustration, and would love a career as a freelance children’s book illustrator! I wondered if it was possible for me to base my assignment on you, as I love your work so much, and if you had the time to answer some questions for me (maybe via email)? I know you must be really busy, but I would love to hear from you! My sister, Lucy Wright, introduced me to your work. She also did an Illustration degree and tells me you were one of her tutors at Hull for a couple of years!

    Thank you for your time and keep up the great work! Abby 🙂

  2. Hi Holly, I came across your site with my wife and was excited to see that it was the same Holly Swain from Chaucer! Your work looks fantastic and I will go and find one of your books so that my little girls can enjoy them also!

    Do drop me an email if you have time….I bumped in Jody Bartan at the train station in Camberwell about 10 years ago not realising that he was/has made a name for himself.

    Take care, all the best


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