‘Toad in Troubled Waters’

Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s the third book in the series ‘The New adventures of Mr Toad‘ by Tom Moorhouse. This book sees Mr Toad take to the water and it’s no surprise to learn that he causes no end of damage to everyone else who lives on and uses the water! This was quite a challenge for me, never having painted water before, but I enjoyed trying out many different ways of using the water around the page.

Once I had done some research into the many different types of boats in the story, looked at what a bank vole was, drew trucks, cranes, otters and a rubber chicken, let alone the usual characters, I was ready to begin looking at compositions.

I struggled at first with imagining Toads boat from many different angles and so I bought a model boat to use as reference.

I tried out many ways of drawing waves..

I was also able to add in a few jokes here and there, like a ‘Titanic’ moment, with Chief Weasel and Mr Ripton.

Making a book is very much a team effort and so I grabbed the opportunity to add in Tom, the author,( in a boat), Sarah Darby, brilliant designer and photographer, (sitting on a jetty with her camera) and fantastic editor Helen Mortimer, (sitting under a tree with a book).  Thank you to everyone at OUP for everything you have done and are doing!

Heres a couple more of my favourite spreads..

I hope you enjoy this third instalment, I had a lot of fun working on it!


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