New Book!

Its been a crazy time! ‘The Mysterious case of the missing honey’  by Claire Freedman is now out. A great story and I had a lot of fun working on it. Heres a pic of the frog spread not quite completed.

‘Captain Bones’ is now not being published..but onto bigger and brighter things!

I’ve recently finished a book for Andersen Press called ‘ The King Who Wouldn’t Sleep’, due out in Sept this year. I’ll add some sneaky pics in the next post.

New roughs

Considering one of my new years resolutions was to blog more frequently, I’m not doing so well! All I can say is I’ve been busy. I’ve been reworking roughs which I think has improved the book and characters. Heres a few spreads.

A reworked version of the mermaids party- a bit cropped at the left but you get the idea.

This is the pirates surprising the mermaids, with Lazy bones being stolen away by the squid.

One of my favouite spreads in the book-the pirate conga! Much improved from the previous rough.

I’m now waiting on comments from the publisher to either rework or hopefully start some artwork..

Christmas cards

I actually was organised this year and have made my own Christmas cards.  They were printed by moo who did a lovely job!

I’ve also found time in between Christmas shopping and reworking roughs to have had a bit of a play.  I bought some speedball rubber stamp block and printed some cards too.  I’d been wanting to have a go at using it for a while, and have got quite a few ideas  for how to incorporate it in my work. The snowflakes were a stamp that I bought.  Speedball was very easy to cut, much easier than lino, and I shall definitely be using it again.

Happy Christmas!

Lisbeth Zwerger

Its been a while since I posted, so apologies. I’ve been busy whilst waiting for comments from the roughs for my latest book, and have started a new book in between, so it’s new character sketches whilst waiting for the go ahead. It’s a lovely story, so I’m excited about starting it.

I’m off into my daughter’s school this week to do some impromptu sketches as part of authors’ week – its going to be fun!
So as its a busy week I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention someone whose work I love- Lisbeth Zwerger. She has a beautiful line and stunning compositions. I have her ‘Wizard of Oz’ book which comes complete with green glasses at the back to wear for all the emerald city pictures. Enjoy!


Some colour pictures…

Hoorah! I’ve sent the first set of roughs off to be looked at by the publisher and await discussions..

Meanwhile I had to send my agent (Eunice McMullen) some scans of colour work from my portfolio and it was good to see some of it again, after a long time.  It always looks better  after not looking at it for quite some time!

So here’s a few, they are mainly vignettes or single pages and from a variety of books.


This is from ‘Wanted! Have you seen this alligator?’.  My first book and still probably one of my favourites. I was given a lot of freedom artistically and I think it shows in the artwork. Here is Alberto slipping on a bar of soap with  Tina.

Bear and Queen

This is from ‘There’s no such thing as a ghostie!’.  This is a vignette on the title page showing the Queen prodding a stuffed bear to see if there  are any ghosties hiding (there isn’t)

Pedro and Ronnie The Horse

‘Pedro the Brave’. This  is on the title page and shows Pedro and Dusty and Ronnie the Horse. I do love a shadow!

A Dark and Stormy Night

The opening page of ‘Theres no such thing as a ghostie!’ A scene setter and quite a different one for me to have such a limited palette.

I’m now straight on with character designs for my next book, while awaiting comments…

more Captain Bones roughs..

Thanks for all the lovely comments, most encouraging. Here are some more of the roughs I have been working on. I am nearing the end of the first set of roughs, which might make it seem like I’ve done them really quickly.  Its actually taken ages, I only work part-time (being a mum too) and this has been such a tricky project to work on. Tons of research and its all been a bit stop-starty. But although this is the first set of roughs, I’ve reworked and reworked a lot!

Captain Bones 4

We only have a small scanner so there’s bits missing off each side -but hopefully you get the gist! This is about half way through and the mermaid queen is trying to steal her jewels back, only to be surprised by the pirates! Quite pleased with my sword wielding pirates!

Captain Bones 5
This is the following spread showing Sid the squid holding Lazy Bones and dangling him over the crows nest demanding the jewels. Its missing a bit in the middle of the spread so its  disappearing into the gutter.

Captain Bones 6

This spread leaps a few pages and shows the pirates having won the treasure, celebrating by having a party. Its missing a bit at each side. I’ve divided the page up to show more of the action, with text boxes at the top and bottom right.  I’m particularly pleased with the Captains ‘Titanic’ moment!

Captain Bones sketches

I have failed hugely with my blog so far, so this is my attempt at making more of an effort!

I’ve been working on roughs for ‘Captain Bones and the Mermaid Queen’. Its been a toughie but I am beginning to at last make headway. These are the first two spreads,showing just sections of them. I’ve done more than this- but I’m still tinkering..

Captain Bones 1

This is the first spread introducing Captain Bones and his motley crew on their shipwreck. The boxes at the top are where the text will go. The skeleton pirates were quite hard to characterise as a lot of character elements I would have added for a human pirate were not possible e.g earings and no ears! (but I managed to get them in anyway!)

Captain Bones 2

This is a section from the following spread. It shows the pirates off to gatecrash the mermaids party, Lazy Bones asleep in a barrel and Sid the Squid hiding in the shadows. I’ve tried to show the shipwreck as a cross section (without it looking naff!)

I tend to do quite detailed roughs as I don’t want the publishers to get any surprises  when they receive the artwork. I use concentrated watercolours and so its hard to make any changes once I’ve painted it-unless its a patch, which I’d rather not do unless I have to.

Robert Ryan at Castor & Pollux

This is all a bit new and I’m a bit behind with technology, though I have moved on from sending an email and ringing the person to see if it got there ! So bear with me, its going to be interesting..

I went into ‘Castor and Pollux‘ shop in Brighton today and spotted Rob Ryan’s amazing papercuts and prints. He has a show just coming up and here’s his site . Next time I have a bit of detail to paint, I will think nothing of it after seeing his work!